BY Stu Leventhal

Everyone has his or her idea of what the perfect party is. That is what makes the catering business so invigorating, fascinating, unique and challenging. Each event has its own flair, sometimes born from its host’s style and suave, other times based around the personality or astonishing accomplishments of the man or woman of the hour being celebrated. Often the theme of an event itself is enough to have everyone excited.  The personal touches are the key to hearing one’s guests exclaim, “Oh!” and “Ah!”

Guests like to be mesmerized, surprised, dazzled and blown away! Accomplish that and your catering service will be booked solid year round!

But caterers, you have to walk before you can run. Slow and steady wins the race. Baby steps! Baby steps! Baby steps!…

The point is; do not bite off more than you can chew! The catering industry is wide and varied, covering everything from hot wings and beer gatherings on game day to a child’s first birthday party to black tie, champagne, caviar hour prior to a political inauguration ball to arranging limousine transportation for a celebrity wedding. Choose your piece of the enormous pie carefully!

It is more important to be the best at what you choose to handle, known as the go to authority and undisputed expert than the Jack of all trades. Perfect one arena of catering and dominate that market before you take on additional markets.

The number one hold back for catering companies is not setting limits and not specializing one’s services. I know it is hard to pass up potential money but there will always be parties that are out of your league and events that you cannot do justice to. Do not hesitate to pass or refer a client who you know you cannot handle. Perhaps you can get a referral fee from the company you passed the business to or win a favor you can redeem in the future. At the least, the customer will remember your helpfulness when a party does come up that is right up your alley.

When you specialize in one type of catering, be it; weddings, business luncheons, children’s parties, it is easy to show up your competition! With each party, celebration and event you get better and better. You and your team quickly become experts! You can afford to invest in equipment that helps you outshine your competition. Plus marketing is a breeze because people talk up your company and its services which is worth more than all the paid advertising in the world.

As you gain more experience and you acquire some extra money that is the time to re-invest back into your catering company, gradually adding more products and services. The key is to make sure each new offering is of the same exceptional quality your customers have come to associate with you and your catering company will continue to thrive!


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