*Specializing is the Key to Catering Success!


Backyard BBQs

Corporate Catering

Business training luncheons

Box Lunches




Cocktail Parties


Bachelor Parties

Bachelorette Parties

Pharmaceutical Reps and Lunches Bought For doctors’ offices

Clubs and Organizations

American Casual

American Formal

Ethnic Menus

Vegan Vegetarian

Food Truck Cart Services

And the list goes on and on…




If you are to be known as the best Backyard BBQ Party Caterer for miles around, it stands to reason, you are going to have to develop a special menu and list of services just for Backyard BBQs! It also stands to reason, you will promote your Backyard BBQ Catering Business differently than you would market your wedding catering service, right? Okay, you have just learned the biggest secret to running a great catering business. Yes, If your catering company only has one menu which you give to every catering customer who walks through the door, you will never ever rise above mediocre a far as your catering business reputation is concerned.

You cannot say you are the best caterer if you give the same catering menu to a woman planning a birthday party for her 5 year old and also give that exact menu to another woman planning her daughter’s wedding reception, plus mail that exact same menu out to local businesses promoting your corporate event catering! Each situation requires its own package.

On that same note, your radio ads should sound different when you are promoting wedding catering than they would sound marketing catering for Super Bowl Parties! A newspaper ad states different things when you are marketing private Yacht Parties from kid’s birthday parties or corporate box lunches. For this reason it is important for you to target one catering niche at a time then work towards becoming the master of that market. You can slowly train your staff so they are perfectionist at serving that one type of celebration. You can slowly up grade your equipment to enhance your catering services and expand that particular niches menu. By concentrating on one niche you can become known as an expert in your field!


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