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Someone has to be the big name behind the WOW! When it comes to throwing great parties people credit the person in charge. In a lot of circles, promoting a catering business demands marketing an individual’s name as much as your company’s name. If you are a restaurant that is attempting to add catering services, you should consider; who is going to be your authority catering persona. Do you have a big name chef or a reliable established manager on staff? Or, are you going to be the name behind the machine? Better yet can you put together a catering team of big culinary name? Leveraging a big cuisine name like a Celebrity Chef to pull in catering clients is easy. But, if you do not have those kinds of funds then you are going to have to invent your big name party thrower.

Self-promotion is the best form of flattery but it has to be backed up. This is where testimonials and positive reviews from food industry authority figures come in. A good review from a popular local restaurant critic can bring in a flood of business. So can a testimonial from a local celebrity or a well-known local Business. When you are just getting started, you may have to court these situations by simply sending over a free meal or delivering a platter of Hors d’oeuvre to a few offices. Later, call the lucky recipients up and ask them how they liked your new appetizers. If they give you the thumbs up you can ask if you can quote them in your menu.

*You need to put as much creativity into your catering marketing pieces and campaigns as you put into your buffet presentations recipes and menu designs.


Nothing promotes like a great video collage of successful parties! Talk is great but allowing customers to see people filling their plates, stuffing their faces, dancing and having fun is a lot better! High quality photographs of beautiful buffet tables and dressed to the T guests enjoying themselves as they chow down sells catering! Your sales personnel should be armed with albums filled with lots of flattering photos and a promotional video. So should your websites be filled with photo images and video of your culinary master pieces and beautiful food displays. And it is worth it to invest in using a professional photographer, preferably one skilled in photographing food items. Here is not the place to be frugal! The goal is to show clients why your catering is so special!


You have to remember you are in an industry that values creativity and excitement. You are selling PIZZAZZ! Therefore your marketing tools are expected to be innovative and cutting edge! Publicity stunts are great! Creating a 100 foot long Italian hoagie and donating it to feed the people at your town’s homeless shelter will gain you invaluable, free press coverage and bond you with community leaders and local organizations. Unusual contests to win free catering can also get you free news play on local TV and radios stations and in local newspapers.

Food tastings are a great draw to lure a crowd of potential customers to a gathering where you can show off your cooking style. Have plenty of photo albums around so clients can view your beautiful buffet set ups and professional staff in action.

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