Owner and Management Counseling

From conception to niche domination, we thrive at developing catering programs for startup catering businesses to existing multi-unit catering franchises and every size and type of catering company in between. We mentor existing catering organizations with whatever it takes to increase their departmental productivity, grow sales through a customer satisfaction approach and optimize profit building through food cost controls, efficient labor management strategies and stream lining production and delivery processes. For a consultation contact:

We will help you create, teach your staff and launch Best Practice Standard Operating Procedures that save money and time while raising product quality from the front of the house to the back of the house.

Hands on instruction methods, on premise tutoring, management owner counseling, crew training, special project advice or management and key employee recruitment are all available…


• Total Catering Business Assessment

– Individual Catering Departmental Assessments

– Total Catering Business P&L Analysis

• Strategic Catering Business Success and Growth Planning

– Business Plan

– Goal Planning and Setting

• Special Projects and Needs

– Custom Tailored Problem Solving

– Mentoring

• Marketing a Catering Business

– Developing and Maintenance of a Powerful Online Presence

A) Designing a Cutting Edge Catering Company Website

B) Social Media Promotion

C) Reputation Recovery Management and Maintenance

D) E-mail List Building and Lead Generation

E) E-mail Sales Campaigns with Customizable Sample E-mails

F) Articles, Descriptive Website Text and Other Creative Writing

G) High Quality Food Photography and Promotional Videos

– Print Media and offline Promotion Strategies

A) Catering Marketing Brochures

B) Catering Gig Portfolio

– Public Relations

A) Press Kits

– Brand Building

A) Testimonials

– Sales Training

A) Finding Catering Clients

B) Sales Scripts and Roll Play Training

C) Event Proposal and Contract Writing Plus Tips for Winning Catering Bids

D) After Party Follow Up – Phone Scripts and Follow Up Letters

*Customer follow up is important and necessary. We learn from customer criticism as well as from customer praise which is how we improve for the next event. This is also when we ask for referrals!

– Strategic Niche Targeting

– identifying and developing new profit opportunities

• Catering Client Satisfaction

• Menu Development

– Niche Targeting

– Hors d’oeuvres

– Appetizer

– Entrée

– Dessert

– Ethnic Dishes

– Pricing

• Kitchen Management

– Food Cost Controls

– Recipe Development

• Administrative Training – Setting Up The Catering Office

– Design, Re-design and/or Customizing All or Any Catering Forms:

Lead Forms, Proposal Forms, Catering Contact forms, Delivery Checklist, Equipment Checklist, To Do Checklist, Pricing Worksheet, P & L Worksheet, Budget Worksheet…

• Vendor Sourcing and Vendor Relations

• Staff Recruitment and Training

If your Catering Management team or Catering Sales Department needs coaching, training, advice or even full supervision on how to run your hospitality business, contact us for a free consultation:


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