Creating the wow factor is what creates fast word of mouth marketing for a catering business. People love to talk about their night time, weekend and day off adventures. Everyone likes to share stories about the great parties they’ve attended.

Beautiful Presentations + Great Looking and Attentive Staff + Superb Food = WOW!


Out of the ordinary creates WOW! Going over the top gets noticed and generates a BUZZ! This is invaluable for promoting a catering business. The secret is in knowing when and how to pick your moments. One thing to remember is that many people are finicky eaters so going with all exotic dishes will usually turn out to be a complete disaster. The exotic dishes should be the highlights of the meal and never the main part of any course. The guests with timid pallets cannot be sacrificed for hype and dramatization or ever made to feel left out.

Some customers have an unnatural desire for their events to be bizarre and unusual. This thirst to be different is best quenched by creating an uncommon unique party theme rather than uncommon unique dishes like chocolate covered killer bees or scrambled monkey brains. A party theme certainly adds an element of fun to any event. When done right it is certain to create a lot of laughs, great photos and cherished memories for the guests.

Some Great Party Themes:

Sixties Hippy Party
The Roaring Twenties
Seventies disco party
Mardi Gras party
Hawaiian Luau
Mexican Fiesta
Casino Party
50’s Party
Goth party
Sports Party Themes
Wild West Party
Monsters and Vampires
Medieval Theme
Super Hero Party
Beach Party
Disney Character Party

*Any of these themes can be switched to being sprung on the guests as a surprise, if for example instead of it being the guests coming dressed as gangsters and molls instead the servers are the ones wearing the costumes and the party room is pre-set up and decorated like an old time speak easy, complete with card and dice tables and rented slot machines. (Make sure you do not break any local gambling laws!)


Q – What makes guests and clients say, “WOW!”

A – Over Delivering! Going that extra mile! Doing something special that was not spelled out in the contract, not required nor expected! Showing that you care!

Q – How do we surprise and delight guests so much that they shout out, “WOW!”

A – Delivering Excellent Quality Products and Services!

When it comes to supplying a “WOW!” Level food experiences, serving unique dishes made from only the freshest and finest ingredients is the key that assures top flavor, mouthwatering, appetizing and spectacular looking dishes that guests will rave about. Using the best, shiniest, eye catching display equipment creates an atmosphere of excitement that your competitors cannot hope to match. For example consider serving a meal on cheap paper disposable plates compared with serving the exact same meal on the finest china with sparkling silverware and crystal drinking glasses. Purchasing only the very best and employing the very best crew is how we assure we deliver the very best services!

A – Providing the highest level of Customer Service!

Throwing a shindig can be quite stressful for clients who are worried that their guests will be happy. Once the party starts, your job is to do everything you can to assure that the celebration goes off without a hitch and to make sure everyone is having a top notch time! Making sure the event is being enjoyed by all is the only thing that matters. Regardless of the role you are being paid to perform, be extra helpful and always go that extra mile. Being alert, attentive, helpful and of course charming will make you invaluable as a caterer to the host of any event. Working with a sense of urgency, purpose, commanding with confidence and showing you can think outside of the box gets noticed, is appreciated and will assure you and your services are booked solid year round well in advance.

A – Spectacular Presentations!

Great Presentation skills are what give awesome catered affairs their pizazz. Going beyond what is expected by adding that unique, extra special touch is what sets you and your catering services up as the premier experts in your field! With just a little ingenuity and hardly any extra effort at all you can add real oomph to any event! Remember throwing a great party does not end with setting up the self-serve buffet. Do an extra impressive job with this gig and you could land multiple new accounts!  It is all about showmanship!

A – Beautiful Displays!

Creating an ambiance is the secret! Taking the extra time to make sure your dishes are as visually pleasing as they can possibly be is how catering excitement is created. Great food and drink presentation is all about tapping into the emotions of the event. Table decorations, linens, table toppers and skirting enhance any meals look and make even simple dishes seem much more appetizing and special! Going the extra mile to make sure you pick colors that complement the foods you are serving will add to the eye appeal. Matching the decorations you supply to the theme of the celebration is how you help set the tone of the whole party.

Consider investing in a few high end chafing dishes and catering trays and placing them on risers and tiers to highlight special signature dishes. Mirror trays are especially dazzling for reflecting light and dramatizing desserts! You can jazz up the look of a self-serve beverage table by investing in an inexpensive ice cube display holder that keeps the ice cold and has alternating colored lights shining up from underneath, lighting up the ice cubes in different colors.  An expensive item can be showcased on a buffet table by pre-portioning it on small plates so it stands out as important while controlling costs by limiting the amount a guest can take at one time. Fruit towers and lined baskets can add charm to a buffet table that has limited space.

Chocolate fountains, ice sculptures, champagne fountains are all investments that allow a caterer to stand out from the pack and offer more dazzle!

Q – What sets one caterer apart from all the rest?

A – It is all in the tiny details!

Having a keen eye for details is the secret to standing out from the crowd when it comes to supplying parties and events. Making sure every little thing is just perfect WOWs clients and dazzles their guests. Stop worrying about your prices being too high and start concentrating on making your clients and their parties the talk of the town! That is ultimately how you become the talk of the town!


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