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Maybe you’ve come to our website because you are entertaining the idea of starting a catering company out of your kitchen. Or, maybe you manage or own a restaurant, Bar or club and are considering adding catering services to increase your revenue. Or, maybe you found your way here because you already run or own or manage a catering business and you are looking for answers to tough food service management questions or seeking unique marketing ideas. CATERING SALES TIPS is about providing answers to caterers’ questions. We discuss traditional and unique ideas for successful, profitable catering businesses practices.

Here, you will find invaluable tips and expert advice on everything that has to do with catering; catering management advice, catering marketing tips, catering sales ideas, catering menu help, catering recipes and much more…

Please feel free to interact. Yes, add your comments! Ask us questions! Contribute to our blogs! If you are in the catering business, bookmark us as your catering website for reference.

You will find everything here to create an innovative, thriving, profitable catering business. Spend some time and learn the ins and outs of catering successfully.

You have been to parties, events and celebrations. You have probably thrown a few memorable shindigs yourself. You know what you like and so do your customers:

  1. Great tasting food and drinks that never run out!
  2. Exciting entertainment!
  3. An enchanting magical atmosphere!
  4. Music! Music! Music! Depending on the occasion of course!
  5. Attentive service!
  6. A few magical surprises!

Being the toast of the town is a charming notion! Throwing great celebrations and managing awesome events is an exciting way to make a living! You are the curator of FUN!

CATERING SALES TIPS is where you come to learn how to throw fantastic catered events that will establish your catering company as the premier caterer in the land. CATERING SALES TIPS is also the place where you learn how to make the fireworks go off without a hitch! You will learn how to:

  • Avoid the usual party throwing mistakes.
  • Guard against potential snags and bummers.
  • Keep hot food hot, cold food cold and beverages cold!
  • Design suave menus
  • Set up dazzling display presentations!
  • Price properly.
  • Always come out with a profit.
  • Position your catering services at a different level above your competition!
  • Create an eye catching marketing portfolio filled with photos showing off your best events in action!
  • Gather clients raving reviews!
  • Learn how to find hire and train staff!
  • Write press releases!
  • Create your website and a through web presence!
  • Write a business plan.
  • Get start-up cash!
  • Make your services unique!
  • Add your own personal touch!

*All narrated by expert experienced caterers who want to help you succeed!

Finally there is a place catering managers can go to for mentoring and guidance on everything and anything concerning running a catering business! CATERING SALES TIPS!

*If you need special assistance or ideas for a catering related project or help with catering sales crew training, catering marketing or catering management advice or assistance, just send us your projects details Email: anewtale191@live.com Helping caterers is our specialty!


International Caterers Association

An informative group of catering resources, articles, networking organizations focusing on culinary training, and catering industry best standards as well as innovating catering concepts and ideas.



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