Catering Sales tips is about marketing a catering business. You will find new promotional ideas and methods for attracting all kinds of catering customers. Everything needed to build a catering business from the ground up is covered. Whether you are an independent one man or woman show catering out of your apartment’s kitchen or the manager or proprietor of a full blown banquet hall, you will find cutting edge marketing information to enhance your catering sales and add to your catering company’s bottom line.

This Catering Sales Tips website is for people who are passionate about cooking and throwing parties! Please, think of our Catering Sales Tips Website as your go to secret resource guide for all your catering management questions as well as your place for finding real catering promotion and marketing advice. We would love to be your catering Mentors.

Our specialties are working with people who want to start a catering business and training caterers who want to expand. You will learn how to write convincing marketing copy, create delicious menus, management tips, purchasing advice and how to throw great memorable events!

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Hi fellow caterers,

Thanks for dropping in!

Catering Sales Tips Blog is the premier place for caterers and catering managers to pop in when they wish to learn some innovative, unique and practical, results oriented ways to market their catering business. Gaining fresh catering sales leads is the basis of growing a successful catering operation. But let’s face the music; very, very rarely does anyone go into the catering business because they love making cold calls and walking door to door passing out menus! Caterers become caterers because they love to throw parties, love to cook and show off their culinary skills and creations or they love to plan get-togethers!

Running a catering business is fun, dynamic, exciting, very emotionally satisfying and can be quite profitable too. But a catering business is a business in every business sense of the word also. And, I am sure you’ve noticed by now catering is a very, very competitive field.

When I was growing up in North Jersey, we used to laugh about how every summer, everybody who owned a pickup truck would strap a ladder onto the roof of their vehicle. They’d print up business cards and posters that they would distribute all over town, claiming to be expert house painters and handymen. They didn’t have a clue as to what they were doing but just thought it was an easy business to get into, with very little investment money needed. This psychology goes for the catering business too. Every sub shop, deli, pizza place, bar, restaurant, wing joint and even Chinese takeout places print up catering menus. Do they do any significant catering business? Not very much, yet ad all these establishments together and they take a nice chunk out of the pie.

You can be the best chef, cake decorator or ice sculpture in the history of the world, but if no one knows about you they can’t order!

You need to get clients to succeed in catering. This is the free discussion place for you and other like minded caterers across the globe to come together and share your ideas about how to build your catering sales. Certainly you have some unique sales building ideas that another caterer across the continent could benefit from. Freely, sharing and learning is what this blog is about. You will get the most out of this site by contributing in the discussions.

Ask your contemporaries your questions. Brainstorm with our catering experts. Share your concerns about the catering industry. Times are tough and we all have to start thinking out of the box if we are going to grow our catering businesses. We all could use a little help now and again. Reach out and make some new friends in your industry of expertise, catering! Together, let’s become masters of the field of catering.

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CATERING SALES TIPS as well as PHILADELPHIA RESTAURANT CONSULTANT are both the creations of Philadelphia Chef, Author, Restaurant Review Columnist and Entrepreneur Stu Leventhal. For more technical online marketing advice; SEO, SEM, PPC please consult Stu Leventhal’s internet marketing website http://www.gurumarketingtips.com

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The National Association for Catering and Events – NACE

NACE, the National Association of Catering Executives is the gathering and industry discussion place for catering professionals and catering vendors and party and event suppliers. http://www.nace.net/


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