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Guru Marketing Tips By Stu Leventhal ~ Become an Online Offline Web Champion!


GURU MARKETING TIPS by Stu Leventhal (Philadelphia’s Restaurant Consultant) is paving the way for hospitality business owners of all kinds to gain and keep a marketing edge and advantage in their fields through the proper use of cyberspace commerce, new-age marketing and fast technology communication systems.

Restaurant, club, hotel and catering managers, sales personnel as well as Food and Beverage Entrepreneurs of all kinds can now understand and implement web and mobile device technology into their promotional mix, their employee training programs and their management plans to gain a decisive competitive edge!

Running a business has never been explained so clearly and concise as in Guru marketing Tips!

You will learn the principals behind every great business decision! Discover how to combine the powers of traditional business management and marketing philosophies with the fast changing modern day marketing arenas of now!

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